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Monday, June 3, 2013



I have finally got back on track with my "7 deadly sins" look collection.. I have decided to continue the series using Dark Heart Designs cosmetics. In this look I used Vampire Heart for all of the red you see other than the lips. I also used Coral Fang on the middle of my lid to transition into the gold. The designs were done using E.L.F. lock and seal liquid mixed with the vampire heart to make a "paint". I applied with a bend liner brush. My Lashes were made myself. I will be posting a lash tutorial soon. My lips where done using a red lip liner coloring in my lips and a black gel pencil liner just in the center to create an ombre look, then covered with a red long wear gloss. Foundation was Maybelline color stay. Let me just say, I now see what all of the rage is about. AMAZING foundation! I hope you enjoy this look. There are more to come!

You can find Dark Heart Designs on facebook by clicking HERE
If you have any requests for looks, product reviews or how to's feel free to let me know <3

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