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Monday, June 17, 2013

Not all indie cosmetics company's are created equal!

I would like to take a few minutes today and just talk about a few things I would like to share.
 First of all, +Dark Heart Designs Cosmetics has added an amazing new listing. For $75 you receive EVERY color of eyeshadow in the Dark Heart collection! Once I receive my package I will be posting photos, swatches and all kinds of lovely Dark Heart goodness. I would also like to bring up safety when it comes to independent cosmetics companies. I have recently discovered that a product I ordered from a company ( I would rather not name them, if you would like to know more you may contact me privately) that contained an EXTREMELY unsafe and unsanitary contaminants. Please for your own health and safety look into indie company's before purchasing. I was unaware of the fact that all company's must follow FDA regulations but they do! and VERY few actually do. Dark Heart Designs is committed to not only providing safe, healthy and top notch products but is also very committed to keeping customers safe and healthy. I am handling my issue with the other company but please do be careful. I was sure that I was friends with this company and NEVER thought this would happen. All ingredients should be in every order, whether it be on the product it self or on a list with the product and if you have questions...ASK! You should never feel like you can't question the products your putting on your skin! Ok so enough of that. :)
 A couple more little tid bits, My facebook contest is still going on untill July 1 2013 (may be extented again due to lack of entries) I will also be doing a "Bride of Chucky" look and some sort of Nymph look also very soon. stay tuned

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