Monday, July 22, 2013

Time to get polished!

I have done a few fun polish reviews. I think my biggest addiction lately is nail art. I find myself doing my nails at least everyday if not more than once! Any who lets get to the goodies shall we?

Lets start with the Sally Hansens Sugar Coat in the color "bubble plum." This Polish is SOO cute! The bottle is very deceiving. It appears to be a normal everyday polish until you open the bottle. With one coat you can see a very nice creamy color with a "sugar" texture appearance. I found that 2 coats is really required to get a nice even opaque coverage. The finish is Matte. 
Next I would like to talk about "fuzz-sea," a blue green mix of Sally Hansens Fuzzy Coat
I LOVE this polish! It is soooo cute on its own or over so many other colors! 1 coat leaves more of the background to show through. 2 coats is such a unique look! I can't wait to get more of these polishes! I did find that they take a bit longer to dry and smudge very easily until completely dry so just keep that in mind. :)
Moving on to my all time favorite polish ever! Maybelline Color Show, Polka Dots Collection! in "Clearly Spotted"  This I a clear polish base packed FULL of black and white dots in all sizes. There are TINY little black speckles, bigger black pieces, white dots ranging in size, Just a fun polish in general. "Clearly Spotted" looks great on its own or as a top coat to your favorite colored polish. Depending on the amount of coverage you are looking for you can use 1 coat or 2. Will definalty be getting more of the Polka Dots Collection!
I would Just like to mention another Sally Hansen Polish that is my go to for a gorgeous opaque coverage with super speedy dry time. Insa-dry. I have this polish in MANY different colors and fell inlove with it instantly! the light blue and orange in the photo are just 2 of the many colors I own. If your interested in any more of the polishes pictured or even have something you would like to hear about before you buy, let me know and I would love to do a review. I will be doing 6 julep polishes as soon as they arrive in the mail .:) Stay tuned!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Not all indie cosmetics company's are created equal!

I would like to take a few minutes today and just talk about a few things I would like to share.
 First of all, +Dark Heart Designs Cosmetics has added an amazing new listing. For $75 you receive EVERY color of eyeshadow in the Dark Heart collection! Once I receive my package I will be posting photos, swatches and all kinds of lovely Dark Heart goodness. I would also like to bring up safety when it comes to independent cosmetics companies. I have recently discovered that a product I ordered from a company ( I would rather not name them, if you would like to know more you may contact me privately) that contained an EXTREMELY unsafe and unsanitary contaminants. Please for your own health and safety look into indie company's before purchasing. I was unaware of the fact that all company's must follow FDA regulations but they do! and VERY few actually do. Dark Heart Designs is committed to not only providing safe, healthy and top notch products but is also very committed to keeping customers safe and healthy. I am handling my issue with the other company but please do be careful. I was sure that I was friends with this company and NEVER thought this would happen. All ingredients should be in every order, whether it be on the product it self or on a list with the product and if you have questions...ASK! You should never feel like you can't question the products your putting on your skin! Ok so enough of that. :)
 A couple more little tid bits, My facebook contest is still going on untill July 1 2013 (may be extented again due to lack of entries) I will also be doing a "Bride of Chucky" look and some sort of Nymph look also very soon. stay tuned

Please click here to visit +Dark Heart Designs Cosmetics on Fb and shop for amazing products!!--->CLICK ME

To enter my facebook contest CLICK HERE

Monday, June 3, 2013



I have finally got back on track with my "7 deadly sins" look collection.. I have decided to continue the series using Dark Heart Designs cosmetics. In this look I used Vampire Heart for all of the red you see other than the lips. I also used Coral Fang on the middle of my lid to transition into the gold. The designs were done using E.L.F. lock and seal liquid mixed with the vampire heart to make a "paint". I applied with a bend liner brush. My Lashes were made myself. I will be posting a lash tutorial soon. My lips where done using a red lip liner coloring in my lips and a black gel pencil liner just in the center to create an ombre look, then covered with a red long wear gloss. Foundation was Maybelline color stay. Let me just say, I now see what all of the rage is about. AMAZING foundation! I hope you enjoy this look. There are more to come!

You can find Dark Heart Designs on facebook by clicking HERE
If you have any requests for looks, product reviews or how to's feel free to let me know <3

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Makeup Guard Card Review.

You may have heard about the new cosmetic "must have" this year, The Makeup Guard Card (Latex Free). It promises to have many creative uses such as, creating beautiful winged liner, taking the place of the ever annoying piece of tape at the corner of the eye to get the perfect line, catching nasty fallout, mascara guard and more. I preorderd the guard card before it was even on the market. At $9 for a 2 pack I thought "eh can't hurt right." Being a beginner i needed help with many of the issues the card promised to help with. There are demo videos on different ways to use the card as well. 

Upon recieving my order I was a bit disappointed with the material. It is VERY stiff "cheapish" feeling plastic. But let me tell you, this thing is STRONG!!! I allowed my 2 year old to give it a test of toughness and it passed with FLYING colors! The edges are a bit sharp. Which if you are trying to achieve that perfect edge, you are going to need. A huge bonus about the card is that it is marked. It a small ruler for your makeup. Never have uneven liner again! Another thing that I REALLY liked was that it is shaped to use for both eyes without having to clean in between eyes. It is also dishwasher safe. I wiped it down with a makeup remover wipe and it came clean with no effort. As far as using to protect your shadow from mascara I did find it a bit awkward because of the shape, but it did work. It also catches all fallout if you hold it where you would apply a piece of tape when applying shadow. The material almost seems to attract the little dust. LOVED THAT! Personally tho, I still use tape most of the time only because I have a hard time having to hold the card in place during my entire shadow application process. Although using it just for that outer edge, would have been a bit smarter of me lol. So overall, once I really gave the Makeup Guard Card a chance I was very pleased. There are still many uses that I am going to try using the card, but I would definatly tell a friend that needs a little bit of help getting that "perfect" look to pick up a set. 

*2 pack set
*Dishwasher safe
*Shape (able to do both eyes without cleaning up first)
*Customer Service was great! Personally answered all of my questions quickly in email
*Material (easy to clean and holds fallout well)

*Too stiff for my personal taste(I would prefere a rubber material that molded to my face a bit)
*edges are a bit sharp (almost unfinished, however a few swipes with a nail file and problem solved)

I also think it would be nice if it came with a case. It would be nice to toss in my bag and go, but for sanitary issues a case would be idea. 

For more information and to order visit

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dark Heart Designs!!

Hello lovelies!
   I have a few updates since last post. First off I have decided to no longer promote for La Belle Boutiek. On the other hand, I have been granted an amazing honor of becomeing a dark heart doll! The amazing Dark Heart Designs has accepted me into their amazing promoter program. I would like to give you a little bit of a background on how I came to find and LOVE dhd. 
 I had entered a giveaway hosted by the lovely "mrselegantbeauty" on fb and low and behold... I won. I recieved a variety of samples from different companys she thought I may enjoy. One of these companies were Dark Heart Designs!. Vampire heart was the very first color I knew I had to get my hands on!. A gorgeous true red unlike anything id found before but EXACTLY what I had been searching for!. Then Coral Fang. Being a huge orange nut I loved this color from the start. 
    Not only are dhd colors and products beautiful, but the quality is top notch! Amazing color pay off, staying power like none ive found and they value safety and satisfaction above all else. 
Here are the 3 colors I have full sizes of currently. I also have Glinda which is a GORGEOUS pale pink that is the definition of the "good witch". Just a couple of the amazing collections Dark Heart offers are the Good Witch and Bad Witch collections. Amazing shade to bring out the pitch fork holding, halo wearing side in all of us. ;)
Bad Witch

 Good Witch

you can find these amazing colors and MANY MANY others here ..... and like them on fb
Also pick up a vial of the magic elixir while your there! A hot item with MANY creative uses! 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Just wanted to let you all know about this awesome giveaway! I have never owned a mac product so this would be amazing to win. But more importantly is the autisim awareness!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Along with the flowers, here we come!

Hello guys and dolls!
   things are about to get exciting!!! La Belle Boutiek is nearly here and warm weather is upon us!!! COLOR COLOR AND MORE COLOR! YAY! I am currently working on looks for the 7 deadly sins... so far... envy is completed.
 As the others are completed I will add them. I am also running a April Showers contest on my facebook page. In honor of the Boston Marathon tragedy I have also decided to begin a collaboration honoring all of the innocent affected. Blue and yellow were this years official colors for the race. So please feel free to join. looks can be sent to my facebook page. Makeup Madness
I have alot of work ahead. So many swatches to get ready for the amazing La Belle Boutieks opening!  Please check out Her amazing shop!
Untill next time. stay beautiful!