Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Makeup Guard Card Review.

You may have heard about the new cosmetic "must have" this year, The Makeup Guard Card (Latex Free). It promises to have many creative uses such as, creating beautiful winged liner, taking the place of the ever annoying piece of tape at the corner of the eye to get the perfect line, catching nasty fallout, mascara guard and more. I preorderd the guard card before it was even on the market. At $9 for a 2 pack I thought "eh can't hurt right." Being a beginner i needed help with many of the issues the card promised to help with. There are demo videos on different ways to use the card as well. 

Upon recieving my order I was a bit disappointed with the material. It is VERY stiff "cheapish" feeling plastic. But let me tell you, this thing is STRONG!!! I allowed my 2 year old to give it a test of toughness and it passed with FLYING colors! The edges are a bit sharp. Which if you are trying to achieve that perfect edge, you are going to need. A huge bonus about the card is that it is marked. It a small ruler for your makeup. Never have uneven liner again! Another thing that I REALLY liked was that it is shaped to use for both eyes without having to clean in between eyes. It is also dishwasher safe. I wiped it down with a makeup remover wipe and it came clean with no effort. As far as using to protect your shadow from mascara I did find it a bit awkward because of the shape, but it did work. It also catches all fallout if you hold it where you would apply a piece of tape when applying shadow. The material almost seems to attract the little dust. LOVED THAT! Personally tho, I still use tape most of the time only because I have a hard time having to hold the card in place during my entire shadow application process. Although using it just for that outer edge, would have been a bit smarter of me lol. So overall, once I really gave the Makeup Guard Card a chance I was very pleased. There are still many uses that I am going to try using the card, but I would definatly tell a friend that needs a little bit of help getting that "perfect" look to pick up a set. 

*2 pack set
*Dishwasher safe
*Shape (able to do both eyes without cleaning up first)
*Customer Service was great! Personally answered all of my questions quickly in email
*Material (easy to clean and holds fallout well)

*Too stiff for my personal taste(I would prefere a rubber material that molded to my face a bit)
*edges are a bit sharp (almost unfinished, however a few swipes with a nail file and problem solved)

I also think it would be nice if it came with a case. It would be nice to toss in my bag and go, but for sanitary issues a case would be idea. 

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