Monday, July 22, 2013

Time to get polished!

I have done a few fun polish reviews. I think my biggest addiction lately is nail art. I find myself doing my nails at least everyday if not more than once! Any who lets get to the goodies shall we?

Lets start with the Sally Hansens Sugar Coat in the color "bubble plum." This Polish is SOO cute! The bottle is very deceiving. It appears to be a normal everyday polish until you open the bottle. With one coat you can see a very nice creamy color with a "sugar" texture appearance. I found that 2 coats is really required to get a nice even opaque coverage. The finish is Matte. 
Next I would like to talk about "fuzz-sea," a blue green mix of Sally Hansens Fuzzy Coat
I LOVE this polish! It is soooo cute on its own or over so many other colors! 1 coat leaves more of the background to show through. 2 coats is such a unique look! I can't wait to get more of these polishes! I did find that they take a bit longer to dry and smudge very easily until completely dry so just keep that in mind. :)
Moving on to my all time favorite polish ever! Maybelline Color Show, Polka Dots Collection! in "Clearly Spotted"  This I a clear polish base packed FULL of black and white dots in all sizes. There are TINY little black speckles, bigger black pieces, white dots ranging in size, Just a fun polish in general. "Clearly Spotted" looks great on its own or as a top coat to your favorite colored polish. Depending on the amount of coverage you are looking for you can use 1 coat or 2. Will definalty be getting more of the Polka Dots Collection!
I would Just like to mention another Sally Hansen Polish that is my go to for a gorgeous opaque coverage with super speedy dry time. Insa-dry. I have this polish in MANY different colors and fell inlove with it instantly! the light blue and orange in the photo are just 2 of the many colors I own. If your interested in any more of the polishes pictured or even have something you would like to hear about before you buy, let me know and I would love to do a review. I will be doing 6 julep polishes as soon as they arrive in the mail .:) Stay tuned!